The Abandoned Cathedral

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Title Instrument Level View

Why Have You Abandoned Me Accompaniment Track

Choir Intermediate 4219

My God Why Have You Abandoned Me Psalm 22

Soprano Voice, Tenor Voice Intermediate 2110

Why Have You Abandoned Me Duet For Soprano And Alto Solo

Alto Voice, Soprano Voice, Vocal Duet, Piano Accompaniment Early Intermediate 6217

In The Cathedral Archives Piano Solo

Piano Solo Early Intermediate 5551

The Girl In The Cathedral Alto And Guitar

Acoustic Guitar, Alto Voice, Classical Guitar, Voice Solo Intermediate 4108

Sunlight In The Cathedral Alto Sax And Piano

Saxophone, Piano Accompaniment Intermediate 1333

The Sunken Cathedral La Cathdrale Engloutie

Intermediate 8104

Sunlight In The Cathedral Trumpet And Piano

B Flat Trumpet, Trumpet Solo, Piano Accompaniment Intermediate 7771

Cathedral Jenolan Ciaconna For Cello Solo

Cello Solo Intermediate 5107

In The Cathedral Archives Brass Trio 2

B Flat Trumpet, Horn, Trombone Beginning 5329

In The Cathedral Archives Brass Trio 3

Cornet, Euphonium Beginning 6883

Highland Cathedral Horn Quartet Arr Adrian Wagner

Horn Solo Intermediate 7660

Highland Cathedral Trumpet Quartet Arr Adrian Wagner

B Flat Trumpet Intermediate 1888

Highland Cathedral Brass Quintet Arr Adrian Wagner

B Flat Trumpet, Euphonium, Horn, Trombone, Tuba Intermediate 7327