Tell My Wife I Love Her A Soldiers Tale

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Title Instrument Level Read

Tale Of The Past

Piano Solo Advanced 1555

Tale Of A Hopeful City

Piano Solo Intermediate 1777

A Fireside Tale For Small Ensemble

Double Bass, Flute, Percussion, Piano, Timpani, Viola, Violin Advanced 1111

A Tin Soldiers Love

Intermediate 889

A Christmas Tale For Symphony Orchestra Parts

Double Bass, Flute, Harp, Piano Accompaniment Advanced 112

A Little Fairy Tale Original Piano Solo

Piano Solo Early Intermediate 1333

A Soldiers Night Out On The Town

Piano Solo Intermediate 1666

Parade Of The Tin Soldiers For Three Flutes

Flute, Violin Advanced 1222

Belmont Avenue I Like It From A Bronx Tale Arr Mark Brymer

Choir Intermediate 1555

Belmont Avenue I Like It From A Bronx Tale Arr Mark Brymer

Choir Intermediate 223

Onward Christian Soldiers Trumpet

B Flat Trumpet Early Intermediate 2110

Cat Waltz From Childrens Opera Tale Of A Silly Baby Mouse

Easy Piano, Piano Solo Early Intermediate 1999

Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers For Woodwind Quartet

Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe Advanced 2110

Onward Christian Soldiers Easy Key Of C Piano

Easy Piano Beginning 334

An American Civil War Memorial 6 Soldiers Lament

Alto Voice, Bass Voice, Choir, Soprano Voice, Tenor Voice Intermediate 1444

Soldiers Chorus From Carmen Flute And Piano

Choir, Flute Solo, Piano Accompaniment Advanced 2443

Onward Christian Soldiers Any Size Orchestra Series

Early Intermediate 2221

Soldiers March Robert Schumann For Bassoon Piano

Bassoon Solo, Piano Accompaniment Beginning 1111

Glasgow Love Theme From Love Actually String Quartet

Cello, Viola, Violin Early Intermediate 1222

Let Me Love You Until You Learn To Love Yourself

Voice, Choir Intermediate 2776

Will You Love Me Tomorrow Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Cello, Viola, Violin Early Intermediate 2665

Let Me Love You Baby

Electric Guitar, Guitar Tablature Intermediate 2221

It Is Love That He Desires

Intermediate 1555

I Love This Land

Piano Vocal Guitar, Voice Advanced 778

Love Of My Life

Alto Voice, Choir, Soprano Voice Intermediate 3109

There Is A Name I Love To Hear

Handbell, Percussion Intermediate 1777

I Love Being Here With You

Intermediate 2665

Love Shack

Electric Guitar, Guitar Tablature Intermediate 2221

More Love To Thee

Piano Solo Intermediate 2221

Love Out Of Nowhere

Electric Guitar, Guitar Tablature, Piano Solo Intermediate 2221

I Love You Oh Yes I Do

Piano Vocal Guitar, Voice Advanced 2332

Could I Love You More

Intermediate 1555

I Will Always Love You

Easy Piano, Piano Solo Intermediate 1888

Love Hurts

Intermediate 1777

Love Without Limits

Intermediate 2221

Love Never Dies

Piano Solo Intermediate 2887

A Love Eternal

Harp Intermediate 2998

Love Yourself Trombone

Trombone Solo Early Intermediate 1999

Love Will Keep Us Together

Choir, Voice Solo Intermediate 1888

Love Yourself

Intermediate 1888

I M In Love High

Intermediate 3220

For Every Love A Place

Choir Advanced 2443

Tell Me That You Love Me Tuba

Tuba Early Intermediate 2110

When You Say You Love Me

Choir, Piano Accompaniment Intermediate 2443

I Will Never Love This Way Again

Voice, Double Bass, Piano Accompaniment Intermediate 2332

For The Love Of Money

Cello, Viola, Violin Early Intermediate 2443

The Love You Save

Choir Intermediate 3331

Love Came Down

Piano Vocal Guitar, Voice, Guitar Intermediate 2776

In Love We Sing

Choir Intermediate 2887

Love Divine

English Horn, Piano Accompaniment Early Intermediate 2110